Product Overview

Rumzer's SaaS solution is all you need to manage EU REACH, RoHS and more.

Rumzer's SaaS solution is all you need to manage compliance to EU REACH, RoHS, California Prop65 and other product regulations.

Upgrade your compliance process.

Rumzer's SaaS solution reduces the time and costs associated with product compliance so you can focus on what you do best. Isn't it time you upgraded from shared folders, spreadsheets, and manual processes?

Easily track the material declaration requests you receive from external and internal customers

Create substances, mixtures, articles, or assemblies (complex objects) via CSV upload or by our easy to use stepper

Assess an item's compliance and store supporting documentation. Rumzerbot will auto-assess items when possible!

Send Material Declarations via in-app email. Paid plans include an option to publish to your website via our portal feature.

Managing compliance correspondence is a snap with our in-app email client. Email set-up is as easy as setting up email for a mobile device.

All paid plans allow you to create custom email templates your team can use to reduce effort and improve consistency.

Manage your compliance related contacts in one spot. Say "good-bye" to multiple, outdated contact lists.

Your compliance team can assign tasks and track task status to keep on track.

Collaborate more effectively.

In-app IMAP email and collaboration tools improve your communication with customers, suppliers, and team members - simplifying coordination with all compliance stakeholders.

Let Rumzerbot sweat the details

Rumzerbot manages regulatory updates so you can focus on your business. All plans include updates to declarable substances and regulations.

Rumzerbot will auto-assess compliance where possible.

Track compliance accross your supply chain for EU REACH, RoHS, CA Prop65 and other regulations

Regulatory substance thresholds are managed and updated within the Rumzer application

Rumzerbot uses your Bill of Material information and embedded logic to check your items for compliance wherever possible

Tired of manually tracking requests for material declarations? Easily manage requests to your suppliers with Rumzer's CRM-like tools.

Send or publish declarations using IPC1752 XML (Class A, C, D) and PDF formats. We can even create a custom format for you!

Distribute your material declartions on your website to allow your customers to download themselves - saving everyone time.

With our Pro plan, you can easily create the SCIP dossiers required to satisfy European Union requirements.

Take control of product compliance!

Rumzer enables you to better control your compliance process and supply chain communication. We're not a middle man - we're your compliance software solution.